Dominique Stiger

Dealer Experience Manager

Doing something you’re good at is rewarding. Doing something you love is ideal. Being able to do both gives you the drive to succeed in ways others without passion or vision can’t, and that is what makes Dominique such a valuable member of the Compulse Integrated Marketing team.

Dominique has tackled every hurdle in her professional career with no shortage of effort, tenacity, and excitement. It’s how she was able to create three business departments that have each since tripled in size, and it is how she manages the experience of all the dealers who work with our company.

When it comes to prioritizing her day-to-day responsibilities, Dominique concerns herself first and foremost with enhancing the customer’s experience. For over ten years, Dominique has strived to make her clients as happy as they can possibly be with the timely delivery of various products and services in both the market research and technology industries. By taking the customer’s voice and buying habits into consideration, she’s been able to stay proactively involved with every account she’s ever been on.

Business can sometimes seem like a puzzle – incomplete, ongoing and full of thousands of tiny, little pieces. Dominique’s goal is to help you put it all together.

Fun fact: When she’s not making sure our automotive clients have a truly wonderful experience with Compulse, you might find Dominique channeling her inner Leonardo da Vinci. She’s a fantastic painter!