DeAngelo Scott

Co-op/Outreach Specialist

Does D.A. stand for Drive Auto or DeAngelo? If you’re ever unsure, you can remember that they are one in the same.

DeAngelo manages the co-operative marketing aspect for all Drive Auto campaigns. He ensures that your advertisements are compliant with the manufacturer guidelines, and helps clients to recoup money spent on his services.

DeAngelo is a very goal oriented person who decided to work in advertising roughly two years before joining Drive Auto. He spent his time taking classes in digital marketing while in college and secured an internship helping a local small business with their online marketing presence. From there, DeAngelo transitioned to freelance marketing for many local businesses. That’s when he found Compulse. His hands-on experience, willingness to learn, and love of digital work are all traits that help him enjoy what he does..

Growing up with technology, DeAngelo knew the power of the internet early on. He gravitated towards digital because he wanted to learn new skills. This path helped him gain the necessary knowledge to get ahead in 2018, and beyond, and he’s now looking so much further into his digital career.

Fun fact: DeAngelo is currently the (self-proclaimed) undisputed go-kart king of Compulse. We have royalty, ladies and gentlemen!