Davon Brown

Sales Support Specialist

Troubleshooting is a surprisingly important part of what we do here at Compulse. We always want to make sure that we’re putting forth the best service that we can provide to ensure that our patrons are entirely satisfied. That’s why we brought on Davon Brown as our automotive support specialist – to be part of the “front line” in dealing with any issues or concerns our DriveAuto clients may have, and to provide them with a lasting, positive experience. Through impressive interpersonal communication and an interest in problem-solving, he efficiently connects car dealers to car buyers and accelerates sales for an all-encompassing approach to success.

In his past personal life, Davon has gained a familiarity with the digital world through many hours of troubleshooting his own devices and explaining tech to his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Every so often, his family would say that he was in the wrong career field and then encourage him to pursue a “computer job.” After some time, Davon realized that he really enjoyed working with technology and teaching others how to utilize it to its maximum potential. Thus, he took on a role at our agency and has been working to excel ever since. Full of information and excitement to show the team his expertise, Davon has found an excellent fit for him here at Compulse Integrated Marketing.

Fun Fact: Davon is the oldest of three, the middle of five, and an only child. Talk about a “Modern Family,” huh?