David Ditzel

Automotive Onboarding Specialist

As a liaison between our clients, stations, and the teams within our agency, David epitomizes what Compulse and Drive Auto are looking for in an automotive coordinator.

David has had many years of practice in sales and marketing for the automotive industry. He has also spent time building websites and marketing strategies for clients in the medical field, and the combination of these experiences render him a great fit for the onboarding specialist role. To him, the idea of working on the automotive side of things in the digital agency is a culmination of everything he’s ever worked for.

With an affinity for technology and developing marketing strategies, David has been a home run for us here at Compulse. Both the pride he takes in his work and the belief that he is going to excel makes him a confident member of our squad – an employee trait we absolutely relish.

Fun fact: When he’s not supporting our Drive Auto team, David enjoys soaking in Mother Nature by hiking and taking bike rides.