Charles Wright

Digital Sales Coordinator

Charles “Chuck” Wright has a wealth of experience tough to top in a digital agency.

Chuck owned and operated an ad agency in Chicago during the 1970s, specializing in direct mail and print media. In 1981 he founded Karbank, the first online database of used cars for sale by new car dealers. Over time Chuck’s career homed in on the automobile business, working for a high volume new car franchise group in Northern Virginia, followed by three years at CarFax working with dealership groups across the country, and eventually founding his own used car dealership that he operated for five years.

In his current role as Automotive Account Specialist, Chuck works to help Car Dealers maximize their advertising ROI in the new era of digital marketing, social media, smartphones, and cut-the-cord TV watchers. As an experienced small business owner, Chuck has acquired a unique understanding of how to convert advertising dollars into profitable revenue using the most cost-effective target marketing campaigns available.

Fun Fact – Chuck married his college sweetheart at the age of 20, and they’re still together! They are blessed with three adult children and eight grandchildren. Retirement is not a word in his vocabulary!