Charles Smalls

Technical Proposal Writer

Compulse works with small businesses to help them to communicate more effectively with their audience across a variety of channels. To make sure that happens, our custom digital solutions must be based on the needs and expectations .of each individual business. That’s where Charles Smalls comes in.

In Charles’ role as the technical writer, he works with potential customers as well as our internal development and design teams to accurately scope projects and price work. That way, clients receive the best offering of products possible to fit their specific needs.

While working in the Nonprofit Sector, Charles had his introduction to the digital world through a role evaluating ADA compliant tools and websites in order to serve various audiences, leading to an interest in front-end web development as a hobby. From there, he went into tech sales, selling various products to political and nonprofit organizations, as well as NGOs.

This diverse and self-driven background has made Charles a skilled leader in cultivating new relationships to drive both development and create solutions and new opportunities for various organizations. He possesses degrees in marketing and public administration, as well as proficiency in B2B sales, contract management, front-end development, and major technologies.

Fun fact: In his free time, Charles likes to paint, swim, act, travel, and play rugby!