Carol Lieder

Digital Sales Coordinator

When you take the first steps on your journey to market your business, you must first have a strategy in place to guide you through the complexities of the digital world. Here at Compulse, we strive to lend a hand with the organization, communication, and problem-solving that’s involved with creating and maintaining an online presence. It can be a long and intricate road to meet your goal, and that’s why we brought on Carol to be one of our digital sales coordinators – to help you stay prepared for anything!

Carol was starting out in the newspaper industry before she came to realize that the public was beginning to read their news online. Since then, she’s had an avid curiosity for the world of digital advertising and continues to absorb as much knowledge as she can, even here at our agency. In her role as a digital sales coordinator, Carol gets to see all the talent and stays involved in the formation of a website while she conducts the workflow from every facet of the web team. Each project is given the same level of care and diligence as she hurdles over every challenge and keeps production moving along, which is what makes Carol such a notable member of our agency.

Fun Fact: Carol loves cross country and trail running, especially when she’s faced with a difficult hill in front of her. Reaching the top is not only a great way for her to relieve stress and stay fit, but also gain a great sense of strength and accomplishment. Oh—and the view is nice, as well!