Bryan Clayton

Digital Sales Coordinator

As the main point of contact for stations and clients during both the website-building process and email marketing campaigns, Bryan Clayton’s main goal is to keep projects moving in the right direction so that they are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

With years of customer service and project management experience, Bryan understands just how big of a role time can play in the completion of small business projects. By keeping a host of various communication lines open, staying organized, and breaking down complex concepts in ways that help his contacts understand our processes, he ensures his availability and productivity for any and all who need his assistance.

Bryan’s days in the digital world date back to high school when he first owned a computer. Ever since those days, he’s realized that he belongs in the digital world, and we’re happy to have him on our team at Compulse Integrated Marketing!

Fun fact: In his spare time, Bryan enjoys composing, playing, and studying music and music theory. Next time you’re on the phone with him, be sure to ask him to hum you a tune!