Brittany Crowl

Digital Content Producer

So you have a business, and you want a website, well Compulse can do that for you. Amidst the spread of highly skilled team members here, you can find Brittany, our digital content producer.

As a digital content producer, Brittany can confidently say that she works with words. Her day-to-day duties include assisting with the writing of content and making sure that any writing provided is at its best for drawing in new customers. Additionally, Brittany supports the designers by checking their builds for quality as a second pair of eyes. They work keyboard-to-keyboard to make sure your websites are as flawless as possible. Long story short, Brittany is an integral part of making sure your website is worth its weight in pixels.

Brittany has an unparalleled view of content because of her path to Compulse. She comes to us with a literature and theatre background and a one-year administration stint with our parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group. Brittany began with SBG in 2015 as a front desk receptionist, getting to know the company and other departments before joining Compulse. She started with the agency in 2016 as the administrative assistant and digital generalist. After getting her hands wet with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, she set her sights on content. Now, she brings her kaleidoscope view to the office through your content, our deals program, and our blog team.

Brittany is a detail specific, goal oriented, and whimsical member of the team. Not only can she answer your questions about the company and your content, but you can also ask her a question about Disney, Harry Potter, or Doctor Who. With each passing year, she continues to absorb her work and push out better and better products, and we can’t imagine the office without her.

Fun fact: Well, other than being a Girl Scout leader and our direct line for cookies in the office, she has had three creative writing pieces published in actual books!