Brianna Bolling

Web Designer

In need of a compelling web design? Compulse has you covered with a fantastic web design team. One of our rockstar designers is Brianna. She will design a perfect website for you and then work with you to build it out.

Brianna has an eagle eye for minor details as well as the overall picture. She pays particular attention to the graphic design and code of your website. She loves spending her days building grand designs and tinkering with the smallest details to make sure both her work and your site shine. She enjoys when things look good and work right.

Around the office, Brianna is known and respected for her flawless designs and her strong work ethic. Her positive attitude is, of course, also a plus. So, what got her so interested in the web design world? The combination of art and computers. She loves how things look, move, and are organized on a screen. You can do anything if you put a little effort, research, and imagination into it. The challenge of combining great design and a functional website is what she finds fun about her work.

Fun fact: Not only is she a participant, but she helped to build and continue the Compulse board game nights that take place on Wednesdays!