Blaise Schreyer

Web/Graphic Designer

At Compulse, we design for the web. It’s one of the most important and most profitable things that we do. Within our business, we have multiple layers that make up the entire unit, and the largest layer is that of the Drive Auto team. As such, it only makes sense that they have their own graphic and web designer.

Enter Blaise Schreyer.

Blaise comes to us with experience working against the clock in a fast-paced environment. This being the case, he actually prefers the multi-tasking aspect of his job, and this is certainly a good thing; Blaise handles the creative production of all the creative products available via Drive Auto. In addition, Blaise also designs and produces any internal and external Drive Auto brand-centric collateral, both for print and digital-based products.

If you’re looking for a highly talented designer with a proven track record of getting the job done, Blaise is your guy. We’re certainly lucky to have found him.

Fun fact: Blaise is not just a designer by day – he runs a screen printing studio in his basement, which he uses to create original designs you can find printed on garments and through textile mediums!