Ben Betts

Graphic Designer

Digital agencies are a dime a dozen nowadays, so what exactly separates truly great companies from the all the rest? One of the many differentiators is in the way an agency positions your brand, and arguably the best way to do this is via an incredible graphic designer. Fortunately for us – and our clients alike – we have Ben Betts.

Ben has been in love with design for the last ten years. He also loves a good challenge. By working for Compulse, he’s been able to intertwine the two so that he is constantly pursuing his greatest passion while also doing something new and exciting every day.

With his excellent people skills, tireless work ethic, and witty sense of humor, Ben radiates an energy that is adored by his peers, and we are so grateful to have him as a part of our team!

Fun fact: Ben likes to spend his spare time rebuilding old desktop radios with newer Bluetooth components and speakers. If you’re interested in purchasing one of these modernized antiques, you can find them on Etsy!