Andy Nguyen

Front-End Web Developer

As humans, the world is predominantly driven by our senses. What is the first one we depend on? Sight, at least in most cases. Compulse has a wide array of team members that can help your website reach its targeted audience based on how you present yourself visually. This is where Front End Developer Andy Nguyen comes in.

Andy found the love for his work through video games when he was in middle school. His pre-teen wish was to become a video game developer, and that wish led him to discover programming through C/C++ books. His original goal was to learn as much as he could to make the best video game possible, and his journey to do so led him our way.

Here at Compulse, Andy uses his knowledge, love for technology, and his self-motivated learning process to enhance the visual experience for clients on the front-end. By specializing in creating interactive and dynamic front-end components, he can optimize and speed load times on web pages. Each page he works on shines as he brings his animations, transitions, and glamorous visuals to life.

Fun fact: Andy helped soft-launch a website in three days! Oh, and he also shares his legal first name with a Vietnam emperor, Duy (zwi-I).