Alyssa Whitney

Social Media Marketing Coordinator

It’s no secret that every coordinator role at Compulse requires a certain amount of organizational and multi-tasking skills. When the role centers on managing multiple campaigns across a host of social media platforms, that requirement is even greater. Fortunately for us, Alyssa Whitney is as organized as they come.

Alyssa grew up as a dancer, expressing her creativity through graceful movements and rhythms. As she grew older, she began searching for other ways to let her creative side shine, and this search led her to an interest in digital marketing. From strategizing to problem-solving, she found herself fascinated by all the various factors that go into running a single marketing campaign – especially on the digital side. That fascination led her to Compulse, a place where she has since flourished.

As a hard worker with a bright personality, Alyssa has fit right in with this office. Just as she has always done in dance, we have no doubt that she will continue to thrive as an important member of our team for years to come.

Fun fact: Alyssa, if it wasn’t obvious already, loves to dance anywhere and everywhere she can. We mean that literally, by the way – she spent the spring semester of her junior year of college studying the art of dance in Italy!