Allison Axtell

Digital Content Producer

With every digital project comes a mass of text and image content that needs sorting, auditing, and repositioning. Part of our role here at Compulse is to ensure that our clients’ content is optimized for best performance, proofed for spelling and grammar, and placed in the appropriate areas and containers of each new website. As such, Digital Content Producer Allison Axtell is an important member of our digital team.

Allison comes from a mixed background of video production and art history, which has made her uniquely qualified to audit our team’s unprecedented designs and relate to the designers who create them. She works with the design team to find the best solution to any conflict between the clients’ functional needs for the site and the design aesthetic chosen for the build. Since joining our ranks in 2018, she has taken the digital world by storm, reviewing and revising hundreds of client websites and improving both readability and functionality for all potential visitors.

Allison is known across the operations floor for her strong work ethic and her insatiable desire to learn and grow as a member of the team, and she has extended her job responsibilities to include blogging, quality assurance, and even a bit of design on the side. She is also known for her love of movies, video games, cooking and crafts, and will forever carry a torch for the Resident Evil game franchise. She continues to demonstrate a limitless passion for her work, and her cheerful disposition gets the whole team through even the dreariest of Monday mornings.

We look forward to seeing Allison flourish as a member of this team in the years to come, and to supporting her evolving job responsibilities as our agency continues to grow!

Fun Fact: Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! Did you know that Allison spent several years as an employee of the happiest place on earth? That’s right – she’s a real, live Disney princess!