Albert Thompson

Automotive Dealership Operations Manager

Albert is no stranger to the automotive industry. At the age of 14, he bought his first car, a 1976 Mercedes Benz beater, with a mind to start his first business selling parts to automotive dealerships. That drive to work in the automotive field helped pave his path and eventually led to opportunities working for large dealer groups, pioneering OEM manufacturer plans nationwide, managing advertising for independent dealers, and even owning his own used-car dealership. With all of his experience, bringing him aboard to lead the Drive Auto team was a no-brainer.

Albert has been a successful asset to the digital side of the automotive industry since 2003, a career choice he made given his desire to work in a business-to-business setting. With his experience in the dealer business, Albert can directly relate to his clients and provide them with unique and knowledgeable insight that he wishes he had back in his dealer days.

When working with Albert, you’re working with a real partner. Albert’s passion for delivering a world-class product with top-notch customer service makes him an instrumental member of the Compulse team. He lives for this; he always has and always will. In his own words, “When you successfully notice that a client has a true lift in their business, the feeling of reward is second to none.”

Fun fact: Albert, despite his passion for cars, almost went down a completely different path in life when he was nearly recruited to join and play for the United States Army band, “Tenor Sax.”