You don’t have to sell candy, cards, or flowers to benefit from Valentine’s Day affections. So how do you market a romantic holiday when your services or products are not passionately inclined? Here are five ways to market your business on this sweet holiday.

  1. Think about your audience. Not everyone has a special someone to buy gifts for, so do some promotions for your loyal customers. Show your customers how much you appreciate them by making them your valentine. Remember, a lot of people tend to procrastinate and do their shopping at the last minute. Therefore, you should not only aim your offers at customers who are early purchasers, but also to “last minute” buyers so they don’t feel like they’re missing out. To make it even more convenient for them, consider extending your business hours.
  2. Engage your online audience by spreading the love across social media accounts. Spruce up your ads with a few hearts, or take pictures to engage your target audience with your products or services. Use heart filters on your photos, or heart-eyed emojis in your tweets. And don’t forget to add in the discounts you’re promoting on your social sites too!
  3. Gift guides are great for the holidays, especially if your business isn’t usually associated with the theme of the season. Sift through your services or products to make suggestions for gifts that someone could give to their significant other, child, or parent. Making suggestions for these different types of customers helps them show their affections for those in their lives while it also shows that you appreciate your clienteles.
  4. If you have an email subscription list, create a Valentine’s Day card to send out. Add the promotions you came up with in step three of the above plan and thank them for being loyal. This is a great way to both promote your business and say thank you all in one. It doesn’t hurt that it isn’t too invasive, either. This idea could even work for text messages if you have a text club.
  5. Find your reviews online and pull the fondest testimonials to share with current and potential consumers. Showcase those who have worked with you or shopped with you before and given you praise. Take the most popular products or services and offer your most alluring deals for these items.

Whatever you decide to do, be sure to dress everything up with good will and cheer. If you need help with any of the above, give us a call!