The start of 2021 has been complicated. Some companies are thriving, while others are still struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what your particular situation is, though, your company can benefit from a social media presence.

Social media is used by over 3.6 billion users — a number that is expected to surpass 4.4 billion by 2025. The engine that is social media and social media marketing keeps getting stronger, regardless of the country’s economic or health-related concerns. With so many users out there, and with the ever-growing numbers in play, it only makes sense to take advantage of social media now.

Here are some developments in 2021 to be aware of:

  • Facebook and Apple’s new IOS 14: The forthcoming IOS update is expected to limit Facebook advertiser’s tracking data. Apple is going to have more control over who has access to their data and for what purposes, resulting in limited ad personalization and performance across the platform. While much of this is still speculation, you should prepare yourself for future changes.
  • Snapchat saw a major Q4 revenue boost in 2020, which included the addition of 16 million more daily actives in the quarter. While the social platform generally caters to younger populations, the connection with older audiences is growing. This is certainly something to be aware of.
  • Both Instagram and Snapchat have added/are adding TikTok-style vertical feeds to their platforms. For younger generations, in particular, TikTok is essential in 2021. In an effort to compete in this niche market, Snapchat released its TikTok competitor “Spotlight” (in November 2020), while Instagram is developing a new swipe feature to help users better interact with stories. The purpose of this is to entice growth momentum, as TikTok is expected to reach 1.2 billion users by the end of 2021 despite losing 200 million users last year after India shut it down. Look for other social platforms to consider similar moves in the near future.
  • LinkedIn recently shared a simple, six-step checklist for marketers hoping to use the platform for LinkedIn ad campaigns. This checklist is a great, high-level guide for any business planning to run a LinkedIn campaign to ensure they best utilize all the platform has to offer.

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