What can a powerful design do for you?

A powerful design can have a lasting visual effect and position your brand at the top of your marketplace. Our team of designers at Compulse Integrated Marketing will listen to you, visualize your needs, and create an effective design that will get you noticed. We provide full graphic design services for advertising, rich media, logo design, and much more! Our team is skilled in deploying creative brand solutions across all media types, ensuring your marketing efforts shine on mobile, web, and social platforms.

Graphic Design

Our team at Compulse Integrated Marketing provides full graphic design services for advertising, rich media, logo design, and any other design services you may need. Pricing may be customized based on your needs. Our basic services include:

  • Standard JPG or GIF banner advertising
  • Rich media/flash banner advertising
  • Logo creation
  • Other design work (priced based on the scope of the project)

Logo Design

Basic logo package:

  • One final logo configuration
  • Color versions included: Pantone, CMYK, RGB, one color (black), and reversed versions
  • File formats included: EPS (vector), PNG low-res, PNG high-res (in each of the above color formats)
  • A logo spec sheet (PDF), which includes all color varieties and lists color specs (e.g. PMS numbers, CMYK/RGB values, web hexadecimal numbers)

Additional logo options available:

  • Additional logo configurations (e.g. a horizontal version if the initial version is stacked, or vice versa)
  • Additional color versions
  • Additional file formats or sizes
  • A logo usage/branding guidelines sheet

Ad Creation

Available formats:

Static banner design

  • Single-frame banner creative in JPEG or GIF format

Animated GIF banner design

  • Multi-frame banner creative in GIF format
  • Basic animation in a limited amount of frames
  • Best for rotating copy with limited photo or graphics changes in frames

Animated HTML5 banner design

  • Smooth, dynamic animation
  • New, emerging format. Replacement for Flash