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Digital advertising as it should be

Create powerful experiences that convert prospects into customers

Anyone can run an ad, send an e-mail, or post interesting social media, but it takes experience and knowledge to use digital marketing tactics to create the immersive experiences that win and keep customers across every channel. Our tech and our know-how combined with our commitment to transparent pricing bring the power of omnichannel digital marketing at scale to local media companies, agencies, and small businesses.  


Benefit from our strength and presence in local broadcast markets to see better results from linear campaigns. Begin the customer journey on broadcast and continue it on digital to give customers the comprehensive, consistent experiences that they expect from brands and that drives profitable campaigns.  Reach every conceivable demographic by delivering custom creative across both broadcast and OTT, then continue with targeted digital for comprehensive campaigns with great ROI.

  • No one knows the linear television landscape better than we do, with 88 local markets represented by 190 stations and 607 channels across the nation
  • Broadcast remains one of the most cost-effective ways to drive impressions and build brands, with broad reach combined with precise targeting to the right households 
  • Integrate custom content into local programming, supplemented by display ads on local news websites, all made cost-effective by our strong relationships 


Drive brand awareness, build revenue, and support the objectives that matter most to you with pitch-perfect email marketing. Our team combines eye-catching design, professional copywriting, and a deep knowledge of best practices to create email campaigns that get results and engagement.

  • In-depth analytics report campaign health in real time, making it easy to improve performance and see higher returns on investment
  • Professional newsletter creation and management to grow and strengthen your brand
  • Full-service creative assures great design that gets results and builds engagement

  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter Creation & Management


We give traditional display greater flexibility, broader reach, and more impact with advanced contextual targeting and retargeting, geofencing, and other features that go beyond what turnkey providers offer. As a certified Google Partner, we can place digital advertising campaigns on more than two million publication websites to quickly increase exposure and generate traffic. Robust analytics, including performance by publisher, day of the week, and geographic, along with impressions by device, make it easy to optimize campaigns with evidence-based decisions.

  • Premium inventory at scale, with a fully transparent publisher list and rich, immersive placements
  • Programmatic execution and advanced targeting / retargeting options help ensure well-aligned impressions for any audience or context
  • Available as self-serve or through managed service to fit your preferences and needs


With more than 1.4 billion smartphones on Earth, it pays to connect with customers on the go through SMS contesting and SMS marketing. have 24/7 access to potential shoppers and clients. Through mobile marketing, we can help you engage with your audience, build loyalty, and drive sales in new and exciting ways.

  • Build excitement with contests and promotions that use SMS to drive interest
  • Integrate SMS marketing into existing omnichannel campaigns or use SMS as needed
  • Benefit from our creativity in reaching all types of audiences for every possible objective

  • SMS Contesting
  • SMS Marketing

Native Advertising

Sponsored content helps brands reach customers and prospects with educational, trust-building articles that also serve a clear commercial purpose. In addition to advertorial blogs and sponsored content pieces, our native advertising team also offers advertorial photo galleries that demonstrate exclusive sales or promotions.

  • Reach audiences with expanded content that helps them better understand what a brand does and what it can offer
  • Placement and design harmonize with the publication layout to blend in and not disrupt customer experience, while still clearly being identified as sponsored content
  • Copywriting, photo galleries, and other creative services ensure professional, polished content that consumers love


With Compulse OTT, our demand management platform can reach 90 million households, and we have integrated partnerships with more than 200 third-party data providers for campaigns that can reach any audience of any size. Custom data targeting for specialized campaigns powers OTT advertising that can reach more than 200 million Americans who watch OTT and CTV content.

  • The only OTT platform with Comscore-validated reporting 
  • Verified video completion rates with premium inventory and placement
  • Pure OTT, as well as connected TV advertising at scale

Visit CompulseOTT
  • Pure OTT
  • CTV Advertising
  • OTT Custom Data Targeting


Video ads drive engagement through superior customer experience. Video is the format people increasingly turn to, with many customers using explainer videos to better understand a product or service before purchase. Our preroll video ads play in their entirety before user-selected content and is equally effective in B2C and B2C contexts. 

  • We feature 15- and 30-second formats placed before content to ensure maximum VCRs that don’t disrupt customer experience 
  • Our targeted datasets are transparent and accurate, with daily reporting and validation to ensure accuracy, reach, and impact
  • Quick creative change-outs enable laser-precise targeting by DMA to make custom content and A/B testing agile and economical 


Build brand equity, engage with customers, and enhance the overall value of your marketing campaigns. Social media is a cost-effective way to reach and grow your audience, and with our expertise in leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media channels, we can create customizable paid social campaigns that get you noticed, whether you’re new to social media or have an established presence.

  • Integrate social media with other digital marketing tactics, such as display, SEM, and preroll for powerful omnichannel campaigns with higher conversion rates

  • Rely on us for social media starter kits, social media consultations, and reputation management services

  • Social media’s versatility makes it equally effective in long-term brand building and immediate demand generation

Web and Design

From custom websites to landing pages to logo design, our designers and developers can cover any business need. We specialize in delivering user-friendly packages that can be operated and edited by individuals with no coding knowledge. Our fully responsive WordPress designs are simple to manage and master, making it easier than ever to market and brand yourself to customers.

  • Custom design and content for sites that are unique to the client’s brand, needs, and goals, for any size business
  • Convert more leads with smartly designed landing pages that convince prospects to become customers
  • Websites and landing pages look and function beautifully on any device

  • Custom Websites
  • Small Business Packages
  • Landing Pages