There’s a reason the phrase “good help is hard to find” always rings true.

In today’s thriving economy, there are plenty of jobs and plenty of job seekers who have the luxury of choices while they look. Finding a good candidate and getting them in the door has a short window, and you need to make sure you’re getting in front of them before your competition does. The current digital landscape has a lot of platforms and methods to get your job posting in front of potential hires.


LinkedIn pitches itself as the social networking platform for career-oriented individuals. While the introduction to individuals focuses on the way it allows them to stand out in a crowded field of candidates, it also has plenty of tools for those looking for help.

While it is still a paid service, LinkedIn’s Jobs platform has one big advantage over other job boards – your targeted candidates are still likely to utilize it when they aren’t looking for jobs.

It’s unlikely that an individual who is happy with their job will openly search for a position on job boards; however, LinkedIn can provide you with individuals qualified for positions you are hiring based off the criteria you set. This matches you with potential interviewees who match your criteria based on their user database.

As LinkedIn users provide their completed resumes, job history, certifications, and education history, it becomes an incredible tool for finding candidates for specific roles. Users are also asked to set their current job status,  from actively looking, not interested, or not actively looking but open to offers, so you know from the start what sort of situation they’re in.

On top of their direct job services, LinkedIn’s advertising platform can also be utilized to find the ideal candidate. Ads can appear as either a static banner of video sponsored comment, as text in the right rail, or as sponsored in-mail, and can be targeted based on LinkedIn’s robust user career data. While someone not engaged in a job search might not look into messages sent within the platform itself, the ads provide a way to get in front of qualified candidates going about their normal business on the site.


Obviously, not every industry is engaged with LinkedIn at the same level. And many jobs geared towards the service industry or part-time employment would have the same need for LinkedIn’s targeting.

Fortunately, Facebook’s platform offers a great alternative. Any small business can post jobs directly to their business page, detailing a thorough description of the position alongside specifics such as salary, benefits, and hours. Potential hires can contact business owners directly through Facebook, and the business owner can keep track of all potential applicants with Facebook’s jobs management tool.

Page owners can also boost the job posts themselves to try and get in front of relevant users, or even run the post content in an ad campaign on the platform. While LinkedIn is great for its ability to target specific criteria, Facebook allows you to target people with an interest in finding a job, specific career development interests, or with interests in specific fields or careers. This targeting can be used to make sure you’re targeting someone who is currently looking for your positions and who has an interest in your specific field.

Additional options

Most display and video ad placements will have some capability to target people interested in specific jobs or career fields, even if the data isn’t as informed as on social platforms where users provide the data themselves.

YouTube can target users interested in finding jobs. It can also get fairly specific as to the industry the user is targeting. And other social business listings, such as Google’s business listings, will also allow you to post job openings, so that people searching for your business can see available openings directly within Google. There are a myriad of options to find qualified candidates for your business; it’s just a matter of deciding who you’re looking for, and what method will be best to reach them.


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