Within a few days of starting a new job, you start to get a sense of what life in your new position will be like. You soak in the atmosphere of the office, feel out the attitudes of your co-workers and get a handle on what exactly you’ll be doing all day.

Compulse is growing quickly, so we wanted to spell out what the experience of joining our team is like. We figured there’s no one who can explain it better than some of our newest recruits. Here’s what they had to say:


Digital Sales Coordinator Natalie Tinkham was pleasantly surprised that there was a snack cabinet in the kitchen. For Digital Search Specialist Keken Chhetri, the biggest surprise was that management was so willing to meet with the staff to check in. He notes that “the atmosphere feels positive…the management has been very friendly. It’s good to be part of a growing company!”

For Julie Harvey, our new Technical Proposal Writer, it was the combination of these meetings and the independence afforded Compulse employees that was a surprise. “My team members and I have a lot of autonomy in prioritizing and directing our work flow,” she notes, while “weekly team meetings and an open work environment allow us to communicate easily and freely.” She appreciates the result: “an extremely efficient and creative team in a relaxed professional environment.”

Front End Web Developer Andy Nguyen was also surprised by the relaxed vibe. He feels that while the environment is professional, it’s also relaxed because “there aren’t super strict dress codes, everyone gets to work where they are most comfortable and everyone works at their own pace.”


Our newest teammates are also enjoying exploring their new roles.

For Andy, the best part is getting “to constantly explore and learn new technologies” and elevate the designs of colleagues by adding “cool features that can only be done with JavaScript or front-end frameworks like React and Vue.js.” As a writer, I’m not 100 percent sure what that means, but that’s why Andy is such a great asset for our team!

Julie also appreciates the technical nature of her work, plus she’s having fun diving into the diverse array of verticals we service. She likes “researching our customers’ industries and gathering their requirements” then “retreating from the world to turn those requirements into specific functional requirements and deliverables for our technical team.”

Meanwhile, Keken is getting a kick out of the team-oriented aspect of the work he’s doing. “I enjoy knowing that I am part of something great,” he says, taking pride “in the fact that we are the ones auditing campaigns for budgets and creatives. I believe that there is no role too small to play.”

Natalie is also enjoying the collaborative nature of her role – “I like being able to communicate with many people, whether it’s people at the stations, vendors, or coworkers in the building.”

Cultural Exploration

Part of settling into a new work environment is getting comfortable with the culture. Our “newbies” are definitely enjoying that aspect of Compulse. For Natalie, the best part of Compulse is the “team-oriented culture.” For Keken, Bagel Friday scores pretty high and so do the attitudes of his colleagues. “I love how helpful and awesome people are here. They’ve been very welcoming!” Julie also appreciates the collaborative vibe and the “opening sharing of knowledge” among “super smart people.”

A new career move is always full of possibility. At Compulse, it’s also full of collaboration, autonomy and delicious bagels.

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