COVID-19 is forcing businesses worldwide to re-think how they position themselves, both in the present and for the future. If you run one of the many small businesses in the United States, chances are you’ve either successfully navigated the crisis or been subject to relocation, rebranding, or even starting from scratch.

Whatever your position is, you can bounce back! It’s all about what you are doing right now. From a marketing perspective, here are four things you need to know, whether you’re thriving, trying to stay afloat, or starting over:

SEO is the Name of the Game

If you want to thrive online, you need to win search. How do you do this? Implementing the right keywords is a good start, but remember: Google is getting smarter by the minute. Gone are the days where you could simply add a bunch of meaningless keywords to a piece in the hopes that Google will reward you for it. Now, you have to work at winning these searches by adding legitimate content that pertains to the keyword or phrase in question.

So, how do you do this? Start by figuring out what you can actually win. An SEO expert can tell you this, and our team at Compulse is full of them.

Sponsored Content Can Place a Particular Product in the Consumer’s Direct Line of Sight

Whether you’re opening a new store, advertising a new product, or simply looking to spark an already booming business, advertorial packages can get the information you want directly in front of interested consumers – and in serious detail. These pieces are marked as “sponsored” and are effective in generating inquires through display advertising. If you want people talking about your business, take advantage of this type of service.

Geofencing, Retargeting, and Google Adwords Help Close Sales

As a certified Google Partner, Compulse is equipped to generate customized text ads and graphics that follow people who visit your site. Working with a company like us is important if you want to close a sale, especially with “window browsers” in your area who like to think twice before pulling the online trigger.

Reminding these people of who you are and why they need your product can maximize your revenue. Don’t lose out on such an important, one-of-a-kind opportunity.

New Website, New You

These days, it’s all about presentation and speed. Unfortunately, an old website can set you back in both of these areas, and there aren’t many customers willing to spend money on companies with outdated designs and slow load times. Now is the time to take action and update your web presence – it’s where all the magic happens, so don’t let an opportunity to succeed slip away.

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