Summer is a time for travel, adventure and relaxation. We work hard at Compulse, but we also play hard. Here’s a rundown of how Compulse staffers are spending summer time off.

New Mexico

Senior Search Analyst Joe Mann hiked the deserts of New Mexico with his boy scout troupe, leading young men through the wilderness and teaching them survival skills – they even saw a bear, which is pretty awesome.

Austin, TX

Kaylee Dougherty of the blog team is headed to Austin, TX for a bachelorette party. Her best friend from college is getting married and Kaylee will join other friends from their volleyball team in celebrating. If you see a bunch of tall girls hanging around sixth street, don’t challenge them to a volleyball match! Kaylee is excited to catch up with her old teammates since they don’t get to see each other often, listen to some great music and eat great Tex-Mex food.

Deep Creek Lake, MD

Designer Dayna Cohen went to Deep Creek Lake, MD to get some exercise and relax while enjoying the great outdoors. Dayna loved taking a boat tour of the south end of the lake and seeing a rainbow at sunset, but she was not so enthusiastic about an outing that didn’t go as planned: she and her boyfriend got lost on what was going to be a modest hike and ended up walking for twelve miles. They didn’t get back to camp until dinner time!


Frank Reynolds of the blog team went to Firefly Music Festival in Dover earlier in the summer and loved listening to well-known artists like OAR, T-Pain and The Weeknd as well as up-and-comers like Quinn XCII and Slushi. He also went to Dewey Beach for a bachelor’s weekend. When asked if he had any funny anecdotes from his trips that were still work-appropriate, Frank could only answer with “HA.” We’ll assume he had a good time.

North Carolina

Alison Klein (that’s me!) just got back from a trip to the Outer Banks. Her husband caught a bunch of gigantic fish but they were all outside of the “slot size” range for keepers. Alison had fun stand up paddle boarding in the sound, and she had fun fall-down paddle boarding in the ocean! She also got a very intense sunburn and learned a valuable lesson about reapplying sunscreen – you should do it.

When we’re not relaxing on summer vacation, Compulse staffers love helping small businesses use digital marketing tactics to meet their growth goals. Think you could use a little help? Let’s talk.