Having a website that stands out will draw people in. Instead of following a standard cookie-cutter website layout, consider making your website fit your company’s style. A few ways to make your website more personal includes:

Blog Posts

Having a blog on your site is a great tool that gives you the creative freedom to write about any topic you believe best fits your site and your business. Being able to write content that relates to your business is something that adds both flair to the site and a personal touch that most sites are missing. Blogs are a great way to promote yourself and be informative in a way that is not just bullet points about your business and what you do.

A great example is an insurance company that is looking to spruce up their site by adding a blog and posting articles about the importance of having insurance for your car and your home. This informative blog relays the services that they offer, which gives potential customers the chance to learn more about the business and the services being sold.

Blogs do not always have to be about business either. A blog post can be about an employee and what that person means to you or the business. It could also be about a charity event that you participated in or a party that you held to celebrate the victories of the year. People want to know that your business is not just about numbers and that it can provide a sense of community.

Tell Your Story

Every business, large or small, has a story. Finding a way to incorporate how your business was founded can add a unique personal touch. There is some sort of history behind every business. Maybe you are a family-owned bakery that has been passed down for generations, or maybe you started your business in honor of someone. Sharing these stories gives prospective customers background information on your business. Adding these features to a site via an “about us” page is simple. You can either write the history in paragraph form, or you can create an interactive timeline with pictures and videos. It is something so small and simple, yet it can pull an entire website together.


Videos are a great alternative to pictures, and they are typically viewed as unique.Very few people think to use videos in place of a standard stock photo. Promotional videos can showcase your business and make the site feel more welcoming. Having a video that simply scrolls through images of your work or products in the header of a page can boost the overall aesthetic. However, too much video can bog down the site’s speed, leading to poor SEO. Using videos sparingly and in the right places is key. 

For example, imagine you run a bridal boutique. Having an edited video of people spinning or walking in your dresses in the header of the home page could attract more people to your site and keep them engaged. It’s a great way to showcase some of the dresses and give the customer a visual of what it looks like on someone.

Color Scheme

Choosing colors is a fun and exciting part of building a site. This is where you can let your personality shine through. Whether that is making the text a fun color or by picking a background color, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Some designers will use the 60/30/10 rule when designing a website. This rule states that 60 percent should be a dominant color, 30 percent should be a secondary color or texture, and 10 percent should be an accent color. Taking the colors out of your logo is something that can make this step easy and it brings the site together. This is a common practice that many businesses use to help make their site personal, but it is something that can make your site stand out. 

For example, if you have a cafe located in the mountains and your logo has a lot of earth tones in it, you can pull those colors from the logo and incorporate them throughout the site. You can also find a fun background image, such as leaves or dirt. This stays within the neutral color scheme but it also adds texture to the site. It is important to remember that this is your site and you want to have fun with it while keeping true to your business.

Team Page

Showing off who works for your business is a sure way to make the site feel more personal. This is another way to have creative freedom with your site and showcase those who help make your business a success. While a lot of websites feature a team page, having one still adds a balance between work and fun. A team page puts names to faces, which allows customers to get the chance to see who they will be working with. A team page also allows you to add fun facts about each person, which may sound silly to have on a business site, but this can be something that draws people in and shows off the personality of the business. 

Here at Compulse, we have a team page that has pictures and bios for every employee. The photos show off each employee and something that they enjoy such as, sports, music, or art. The bio gives a little insight into their background and a little fun fact. We take pride in our employees, so showcasing them was important to us. It is simple and easy to add to any site

Keeping Your Content Up-to-Date

While having a personal site is important, keeping the content on the site updated is just as essential. Doing so will keep your site fresh and informational. An easy way to always have updated content is by adding links to your social media accounts or by installing a plugin that posts your social media content directly onto your site. Since social media is an easy tool to constantly update, having it linked to your website will provide your customers with easy access to a platform that you post on weekly or even daily. This is a great way for customers to find new and important information. 

Another way to keep your content updated is by making sure that any products or services listed on the site are current. If you add a new product or service, get rid of one, or enhance an already existing one, you need to make sure that the information is updated. This shows that you pay attention to the tiny details and care about the way your business is being presented. 

Overall, having a website that feels personal will stand out among the standard, cookie-cutter sites that are out there. Making your site fit your needs while showcasing some form of personality will give it a flair. Adding various versions of content such as blog posts, videos, or a team page, and keeping them updated is a sure way to make a fun and unique site.

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