Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday shopping rush, and millions are out there diving for deals. This makes it crucial for you to stand out in the sea of holiday bargains.

Here are some killer marketing tips to use during the scariest season of the year:

Get Creepy! Associate your brand with something spooky.

  1. Tweak your logo to incorporate an eerie design for your web presence.
  2. Videos can be costly, but you can pull some serious ROI during Halloween with this one trick– in a 2014 survey, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide named video as the type of content with the best ROI. Maybe stage a costume flash mob in the store that you can film for your YouTube channel?
  3. Create a simple infographic packed with humor to promote your brand. Photograph the equipment in your sports store to show how to put together a Zombie Survival Kit. Then slap it on your Facebook page and see how many times it gets shared. Just include your logo so they know where to find their survival supplies.
  4. If you’re marketing a party supply store, create a list of spooky must-have items for your upcoming Monster Mash. Add theme ideas that reflect the items you carry in-store or online. Add a list of theme related items you stock so people can throw a thrilling bash. Whatever you do, give people holiday ideas that use your products.

Use the buddy system.

Remember when your parents told you to trick-or-treat in groups for safety reasons? Partner up and give your Halloween campaign a chance to last through the end of the cut throat shopping season.

  1. Think about partnering with other businesses to put together unique offers. Placing a special deal on your page with a link to a companion deal on someone else’s page and having your partner do the same on their website brings you the traffic from their sites you may not have gotten before. Choose your partner wisely.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of local Halloween celebrations. Take advantage of the events happening around town by offering special promotions, using flyers and signs to get your business name out there, or even just having the best decorations on the block. If your community doesn’t host any events like this, consider teaming up with a few neighboring businesses to have one of your own.

Use traditions to your advantage.

Craft some contests this season to get some extra advertising power.

  1. Create a costume contest to fit your audience. If you run a toy store, request all contestants to dress up as their favorite character and to come into the store to take a picture with their toy double.
  2. Consider hosting these contests on your social media pages. Have contestants upload their images so the people can judge. “The winner will be the entry with the most likes on Facebook!” This is a great way to go viral, as entrants will have to spread the word to get the most likes.
  3. Tell your contestants to post their pictures on their own social media to spread the word. Example: “Use the #compulsecontest to enter.” This way, you’re reaching your fans’ friends, and their friends, and theirs, and so on.

You’ve done the tricks for the season, so don’t forget the treats!

  1. Customers like to know their loyalty to your brand is appreciated. Reward them with themed offers for the season. For instance, a grocery store could create a grocery basket for vampire fans full of garlic flavored snacks, wooden spoons, and red wine you can grab on the go.
  2. Add special offers for social media fans and give them another reason to follow your page. Example: “Use the #compulsehalloween to receive a treat on your next visit, or comment on the Facebook page to get a $5 voucher for your next visit.”

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