Happy birthday! Happy work-a-versary!

You don’t do that? Well, here at Compulse, the agency gathers once a month to celebrate. All of us who have a birthday or an anniversary with the company during that month have our names put into a cup, bowl, or vase (whatever’s on hand); and one name is drawn. That person gets a Starbucks gift card, a few jealous looks and a big round of applause.

This is also when we take a moment to introduce and welcome any new Compulse team members. You can bet that if you started after the August party, and before the September party, you’ll be getting a spotlight. Chances are that by then we all know who you are, but we’ll all take a second to say hi anyway.

Once all the clapping, and spotlighting, and gift giving is done, it’s time to eat. Sometimes it’s as simple as frosted cookies. But sometimes we get lucky and pull off a chocolate cake. Cupcakes or donut holes make appearances. The sweets may vary, but there is always a fruit selection.

It’s very cool to be recognized as an individual in the office, so it’s a lot of fun when we all gather in the kitchen.

The cake doesn’t hurt either.