It’s no secret these days that a majority of people will turn to a search engine when trying to find a local business. With just a few keywords, a platform like Google can produce thousands of results tailored to the user’s every need, from website links and online shopping to videos and images.  

Now, if the user is looking for something close and insular, Google also has its Local Pack results whenever it receives a query that has local intent, like “pizza near me” or “doctor’s office in [location].” These results are generated by Google’s directory listing platform Google My Business (GMB), which is also connected to how the business appears on Google Maps, and it is a great tool for bringing in more foot traffic and in turn, more localized clientele. While a business may already have a listing on Google, business owners won’t be able to edit any of the listed information until they take the extra steps to verify both the store’s location and the account’s business owner status. Thankfully, Google has a few easy ways in which this can be completed (depending on the preference of the business owner).

By Mail 

When you set out to verify your business, Google will give you a code that they want the business owner to plug back into Google My Business. When you sign into the platform and choose the business that you’d like to verify, a prompt will come up asking you to pick how you would like to receive the verification code. If you pick the postcard method, Google will mail you an actual postcard, which generally takes about 14 days to arrive, with the code on it. Be sure to keep an eye out for it, these postcards look a lot like junk mail, so it’s easy to overlook them and accidentally toss them out. 

By Phone 

Some businesses will also have the option to verify their business by phone if they have a contact number registered in their directory listing. Once you confirm the number and begin the verification process, Google with call the line with the verification code for the listed location. This is the quickest method to getting a verified Google listing; however, this method does not work with an automated phone system or phone tree, so the default verification method will have to be by mail. 

Having control over your Google listing is one of the most important things you could do for your digital presence. For many, it will be the first thing that future customers see before they call your business or visit your website, so it is crucial that every aspect of the listing is correct so you can be easily found. To top it all off, once your listing is verified, there are so many additional features that allow you to fully customize your listing to your digital needs. 

Having Trouble Getting Verified? 

There are also times where a business may have complications getting their GMB page verified. Google typically has an issue if multiple businesses try to claim the same address. For example, some businesses have kiosks that are located inside of a Walmart, malls, airports and grocery stores. Other situations include shared or subleased office spaces, business incubators, and among other buildings where an address is shared with other businesses.  

If your business has trouble verifying your Google My Business listing, you can contact Google directly, or you can ask one of our knowledgeable Google My Business experts here at Compulse. For more information, give us a call at 844-821-2154