How We’re Getting Our Spring Break Fix

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and we’re all itching to get away for some fun! Here’s what some of the Compulse staffers are doing for Spring Break.

What Happens in Vegas?

Customer Service Coordinator Shafawn Wiley is going to Las Vegas with her husband for their ten-year wedding anniversary. They have tickets to the Stellar Awards, Blue Man Group and Jabbawockeez, and they’ve also scheduled a limo helicopter tour of the city and some serious shopping time.

Ski Trip 

Jon Care, one of Compulse’s Web Designers, recently got back from a ski trip to Deer Valley, Utah with his wife and her family. I think he must be pretty good at skiing because Utah has big mountains and he’s not wearing a cast.

Hawaiian Dreaming

Antonio Colon, another Web Designer, is going to Hawaii to “spend time with family, go hiking, swimming, surfing as well as snorkeling.” Kind of makes your plan to hit the pool seem a bit tame, doesn’t it?


Laura Scott, one of our Local Ad Operations specialists, is headed to Boston for TWO different weddings in a four-day period. She might also head to Houston to visit her family there and indulge in the city’s “delightful cuisine.”

More Marriage

Kevin Colohan, Web Content Specialist and Blogger Extraordinaire, is taking a long weekend off to head to Atlanta for his sister’s wedding. No word yet on if they trust him enough to make him the ring bearer…

Orange Ya Glad You’re Going to Florida?

Frank Reynolds, best known as a Web Content Specialist and Blogging Beast, is going to Orlando with his girlfriend over Memorial Day weekend to visit family and to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Hopefully he doesn’t go too hard on the Butterbeer!

Brittany Crowl, Digital Generalist and star Photographer for the blog team, is going to Universal Studios too but she’s also stopping by Disney World. Hopefully her trip is full of Disney – and wizarding – magic.

Vicarious Vacationing

Briana Ellis of the Ad Ops team is doing nothing, but her twin sister is going to Panama City Beach for a poppin’ spring break experience. Briana said that she plans to enjoy spring break vicariously through her sister, but the longer I think about it the more convinced I am that we should ALL be enjoying spring break vicariously through Briana’s sister. Especially the last guy on this list.

In the Gutter(s)

SEO Analyst & Specialist Jason Moore has a plan that wins the award for the least appealing spring break ever. Jason will clean his gutters before Maryland’s rain season collapses his roof, all while trying not to re-slip a disk in his back.

Whether you’re attending the nuptials of family like Kevin or scheduled some time for much-needed home maintenance like Jason, here’s hoping you make the most of the warm weather and thoroughly enjoy the delights of the spring season.