At Compulse Integrated Marketing, we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of the digital landscape to best serve the interests of our clients. To do this, we must provide access to the most relevant tactics and effective strategies to yield top results. As part of our continued drive to help your business succeed, we are introducing a brand-new targeting tactic called GeoCookie.

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and none of us would dare leave home without it. GeoCookie takes advantage of this fact and allows you to reach potential customers because of it.

A person’s tendencies tell us a lot about their buying habits. With GeoCookie, we can target individuals who have attended a specific event, like a conference or convention, as well as individuals who have visited competitors of yours in recent weeks.

Conquesting becomes so much more possible with the help of GeoCookie. Unlike other tactics that are more effectively used to spread awareness and build brand recognition, GeoCookie reaches engaged consumers who are already in the market for the goods and services you offer.

For example, say you run a car dealership that needs to drive business, and there is a big auto show in town for one week. Utilize the GeoCookie data from the event to reach attendees and send them from the convention center to your showroom floor.

Big events like auto shows can draw people from surrounding states, and may even attract people that your business will be unable to serve in the future. An added benefit of GeoCookie is that it ensures your message only reaches people in your desired area.

Where GeoCookie shines, however, is when targeting more than one location. Put yourself in the shoes of a retail business owner who has several locations around the city. Your business is doing well, but it could always be doing better. There is a competing chain that operates in the same city. GeoCookie can gather data as far back as six months and allow you to reach consumers who have visited this competitor multiple times in that window. Some clever messaging, paired with GeoCookie’s help, can turn their customers into your customers.

GeoCookie is a brilliant new tool that serves consumers with uniquely relevant ads while allowing businesses to connect with an audience that’s ready to act. Our goal is to give you the greatest bang for your marketing buck. GeoCookie certainly helps us do just that.