Feeling Lucky: Our St. Patty’s Day Scavenger Hunt

At Compulse, we’re always looking for a reason to celebrate. For St. Patrick’s Day, our Digital Generalist, Photographer, Office Manager (and friend!) Brittany Crowl organized a scavenger hunt so we could all test our luck.

She hid five special pictures strategically around our office, then sent out an office-wide email alerting everyone to the challenge at hand. Whoever found a hidden picture could bring it to Brittany and receive a spectacular prize of $1.

You might not think that a bunch of adults would get excited about an opportunity to win a dollar or two, but you would be wrong. We like winning no matter what the prize, we like playing no matter how silly the game and we love seasonally appropriate activities.

Here are the skillful, agile and bold Compulse team members who emerged victorious – and a dollar richer. If you’re ever out for dinner with these folks, remember that they should totally foot the bill 😉

Jon Care, Web Designer, found the Leprechaun

Carlie Nethken, Social Media Coordinator, found the Rainbow

Rachael Blanchard,  Digital Advertising Operations Specialist, found the Pot of Gold

Shafawn Wiley, Customer Service Coordinator, found a Four Leaf Clover

Sasskia Wells, Customer Service Coordinator, found a Lucky Horseshoe