When considering ways to engage with your audience, few techniques are as effective as contesting, and when it comes to the goals of a business, few are as desirable as engagement. There are several reasons for this, but in the most basic terms, high levels of engagement indicate that your digital presence is reaching your intended audience and your content is enticing enough to grab their attention. There are a variety of ways to run effective contests, some of which include posting the content on a business’ website, using social platforms, or even via email marketing. Contests can be effective in their own right, but when they are scheduled around holidays or events, they often experience even higher engagement. With Father’s Day right around the corner, there are so many ways to incorporate a contest that mutually benefits the consumer as well as the business!

Website contests are particularly great because it’s a fast, easy way to collect a wealth of information from those who visit your page that can be repurposed for future email blasts or newsletters. These types of contests are typically set up as sweepstakes and can include a variety of prizes – anything from concert tickets to grills to home improvement gift cards! The possibilities are endless. For a contest that will run via your business’ website, there are a few essential elements that help to create an effective call-to-action for consumers.

  1. A bold and professional-looking featured image. This is extremely important when running a contest on your page. You want the contest to appear trustworthy and professional because you are looking to collect personal contact information. You run the risk of not having people submit their contact information if the contest does not seem reputable.
  2. Create Urgency. Create a countdown clock that shows the amount of time remaining in the contest. This is often a subtle, but effective way to induce action on the consumer’s part and usually results in higher conversion rates.
  3. Highlight the value of the prize. The prize is the reason for the engagement, so don’t forget to highlight its value!

Another effective way to run a contest is via a social platform, such as Facebook. This is a great way to entice your audience to engage because not only is there high visibility on these popular platforms, but it’s also a great place to run contests that encourage submissions from consumers. Here are a few ideas for social contests:

  1. Father’s Day Photo Challenge. Everyone knows that pictures are essential on social platforms and because of this, they actually receive about 50% more engagement than text-heavy alternatives. Craft a contest that encourages visitors to submit their best photo of them and their dad. Winners can either be selected at random or by fan voting! This is a great way to get the audience involved and engaged with your business’ page.
  2. Father’s Day Giveaway. This is a straightforward way to reward those awesome dads out there with minimal requirements for entry. Visitors can simply “Like” your page, fill out the required form (typically with email and contact name) and submit! For even more engagement, you can offer bonus entries to those who “Share” the contest with their own Facebook friends.
  3. #DadsWisdom. Create a contest that has entrants enter the best advice they have received from their father over the years and hashtag it “#DadsWisdom.” This is a great way to encourage submissions, but also is fun for those passive audience members who may just be reading through the comments.

Whatever route you choose to go with contesting, the benefits are immeasurable. It’s a wonderful way to get your audience engaged with your business and it helps to tie in upcoming events or holidays. For more information on contesting, please contact Eddie Imparato or visit our resource page on the Digital Media Kit!