We think that the process of creating a great digital advertising campaign should be as fluid – and enjoyable – as the experience of receiving it. Beyond that, we think it should be efficient, profitable, and fairly priced, with premium inventory and great impressions across every channel. There’s no shortage of smart people and smart ad tech, but there is a shortage of those two elements coming together in a meaningful way.   

At Compulse, we combine the best thinking in marketing strategy  with technology purpose-built to eliminate the four toughest barriers to effective digital advertising:  

  • A lack of omnichannel tech solutions:  Omnichannel digital gets great ROI, consistently outperforming single- and multichannel campaigns and earning 91 percent greater customer retention year-over-year. But more channels often means more technology – which means more cost and more time. Our platform is purpose-built to make execution and analytics efficient, fast, and easy for every major digital tactic.
  • Excessive media fees and arbitrage:  Arbitrage and excessive markup erode efficiency and obscure the true value of media, all the way from purchase to impression. Our buying power enables us to provide premium inventory at scale, all from one provider and at a fair price.
  • Disconnected, multiple platforms:  A platform for SEO, another for analytics, and another for display? It’s common, but that doesn’t mean it’s efficient. By combining management for every tactic into one digital marketing platform, we’ve created a better, more efficient way to execute true omnichannel, along with unified analytics that solve the metric inconsistencies that come from multiple platforms with unequal performance. 
  • In-house  ad ops and cost:  More (and more robust) campaigns usually mean more staff, more overhead, and more investments in technology. Our solution is designed to increase our clients’ capacity without increasing cost, so they can run more campaigns for more profit. Through our managed service, clients can scale up and down as needed for seasonality, as well as use our platform through self-service.   

Purpose-built for better results  

The tools we use make a difference. We designed our single-platform solution specifically to replace the inefficient, disconnected workflow many ad ops teams have gotten used to with streamlined, powerful ad tech that makes campaigns as fluid to plan, fulfill, and track as they are to receive as a customer. When technology is built to solve problems rather than work around them, quality, output, and profit follow.

Get in touch with us for a demo and let’s see how we can work together for higher-impact, lower-cost digital marketing. We’re excited to release our platform and even more excited to help lead the industry to greater levels of service, transparency, and quality. We hope you’ll join us.