Businesses are starting to reopen, and the last thing on your mind is probably updating your website. However, with all of the new laws and regulations in place, adding information to your site regarding COVID and how it will impact your business is important for your users. 

COVID-19 Message

Adding a quick message to the home page of your site can be beneficial. It provides users with important information regarding where your business stands and what to expect. It’s important to keep your users and customers in the loop and keep them involved. 

Something as simple as, “We understand COVID-19 is a difficult time. For more information regarding our operations, read our COVID-19 page,” will show that you are taking measures to protect the community as well as your employees. It also provides a call-to-action to guide the user to any important information they may need to know. 


With phase one of reopening becoming the new normal for many states, it may be beneficial to consider adding the new guidelines to your site. This can be a page that is added to the main navigation menu or through a call to action button that leads to a page that hosts all of this information. Some of the information you may want to add includes:

  • In-store social distancing – if you’ll have markers down to guide customers on the proper distance
  • A limited number of guests – how many guests will be allowed into the store at a time
  • Mobile order or curbside pickup – if you’re offering these services, note how the customer will utilize them
  • Following state laws – if there are specific laws in place, note them and explain how you will be following them

Contact Information

If it’s not already on your site, adding the phone numbers and email addresses that can be used to contact you could be helpful to your users. Another great way to allow your users to have a form of contact with your business is through an email subscription. 

Having an email subscription is an easy way to send updates to your users and make sure that they are the first to know about any changes to your operation during this time. A texting system also has the same benefits. Being able to get information out to your users as quickly as possible keeps them informed and shows that you care about their business with you.

What’s Available

Businesses will inevitably be short-staffed and low on supplies during a pandemic of this caliber. If your business is service-related, you may have limited the services you provide. Keeping your site and your customers updated will help keep your business running and provide that sense of reliability that people are looking for during these times. 

Business Hours

Much like limited supplies, limited business hours may be something that you’re facing. You may also be extending your hours to meet the needs of others. Either way, you want to make sure those new hours are displayed somewhere on your site.  The home page of your site is probably the best place to showcase your new hours. It’s the first page the user will see, and it will be convenient for the user. 

With new regulations falling into place, providing updated information regarding business operations is important. Making these simple changes to your site is a great way to provide up-to-date information to your users in a convenient way.

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