On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, our team at Compulse Integrated Marketing was offered the chance to meet with young professionals seeking employment in the creative world at UMBC’s “Arts with a Purpose” event.

Two of our managers, Josh McComas and Eddie Imparato, represented the agency at the event, which played host to a wide range of college majors, including:

  • Visual arts
  • Graphic design
  • Cinematic Arts
  • Theater and Dance

While the agency was able to network with other businesses in both similar and extremely different fields, the main purpose of this trip was to connect with students and teach them a bit about what we have to offer.

“They were able to ask us for advice on how to get started and progress in their respective industries,” says Eddie. “Likewise, we wanted to get our name out there, so it was really an awesome win-win scenario for everyone.”

Compulse is one of the most successful up-and-coming agencies in the entire country. Backed by the largest television provider in the United States, our full-service agency prides itself on providing our employees with fantastic opportunities to maximize their marketing and digital potential.

“The level of digital creativity in the people that form the agency makes for quality work that shines through in the final product, and the dedication that the agency holds for the team is what keeps Compulse on top,” says Brittany Crowl, a UMBC alumni and current Compulse employee.

The benefits of working for Compulse are numerous, and they include perks such as 401K matching, healthcare, vision, dental, free parking and coffee, catered lunches and more. It is a great place for college graduates to learn a bit more about the field they are interested in making a career out of; any position with the company will comes with hands-on experience in many different digital domains.

Those who are currently enrolled in a university are also encouraged to reach out and ask us about our internship programs.

“We offer three-month internships for credit to hungry and talented college students who have a passion to learn more about the industry,” Eddie says. “While these internships are unpaid, they can lead to future employment opportunities. When a position opens, our interns are who we look to first. Why? We know their talent levels. They aren’t strangers to us anymore.”

Internships with Compulse don’t simply comprise of day-to-day grunt work, either. We give them the tools to craft a real learning experience, something they can take with them after they graduate. Our family at Compulse understands that deciding what you are meant to do with your life upon graduation can be a real challenge – and sometimes even a daunting prospect. Putting you in the best shoes possible is what we strive to do so that your experience, whether as an intern or an entry-level worker, is of real benefit.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we present to students and graduates alike, please visit our website at www.compulse.com.