• SEO & Apple Pie: A Thanksgiving Recipe for Business Success

    Let’s pretend you own a bakery specializing in gourmet pies. Because it’s crucial to your business, you make it your goal to win the “best apple pie” award at the annual pie competition in your home city. You spend months experimenting with different combinations of spices, crusts, and frostings until you finally find what you […]

  • Why The Holidays Are The Most Wonderful Time of The Year For OTT Advertising

    It’s safe to say that it officially becomes the “holiday season” once the last piece of candy is handed out on Halloween. Stores are adorned with red and green decorations, radio airwaves are flooded with jolly jingles, and, most importantly, shoppers begin scurrying to find the perfect gifts for each of the loved ones on […]

  • Online recruiting: How social media can help you hire

    There’s a reason the phrase “good help is hard to find” always rings true. In today’s thriving economy, there are plenty of jobs and plenty of job seekers who have the luxury of choices while they look. Finding a good candidate and getting them in the door has a short window, and you need to […]

  • 5 Ways to Spook the Competition

    It was a dark and stormy shopping season, and your marketing campaigns were killing it! If you need help giving your customers a marketing treat, keep reading… We’ve compiled another- yes another- list of ideas for you to reference while brainstorming your Halloween marketing campaigns. How about telling your own scary story? It could be […]

  • Understanding Your Branding

    Do you understand your brand? Or do you leave it at the logo? If you want to understand your brand, you must know what the difference is between a brand and a logo. Believe it or not, the two are entirely unique entities. A logo is an image that leaves a mark burned into the […]

  • 5 Ways to Appreciate your Employees

    Even though the unofficial holiday known as “Employee Appreciation Day” is March 1st, you don’t need a designated day to show how much you value the dedication and efforts of your employees. Taking a moment to honor your coworkers can have a positive impact on the work environment and the stress levels of your peers. […]

  • 3 Tips for Better Showcasing your Website’s Content

    Does your website have a five-pixel border with a clean-cut design and pretty colors? That’s great. Do you have some seriously impressive wordage on your site? Even better. But what prompts your customers to take the time to read and appreciate the content on your site? A clean, functional website design. So, let’s discuss three important […]

  • The three C’s of content and the main factors to consider

    Simply put, it is absolutely essential for your written web content to do your company justice. Yes, different color schemes, a creative web design, and a solid social presence are certainly good to have, but without the copy, any web presence is relatively pointless. You need to know how to write good content because a […]

  • Are You Guilty of Stealing Images?

    With the limitless bounds of the internet at our disposal, it is easy to forget where content comes from when it can appear with just the click of a button. Need a reference, gif, or image for that article you’re writing? You can plug the subject into a search engine and find one in an […]

  • GeoCookie: The Latest and Greatest in Digital Targeting

    At Compulse Integrated Marketing, we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of the digital landscape to best serve the interests of our clients. To do this, we must provide access to the most relevant tactics and effective strategies to yield top results. As part of our continued drive to help your business succeed, […]