• How to Make Your Website More Personal

    Having a website that stands out will draw people in. Instead of following a standard cookie-cutter website layout, consider making your website fit your company’s style. A few ways to make your website more personal includes: Blog Posts Having a blog on your site is a great tool that gives you the creative freedom to […]

  • No Office? No Problem: Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Comfortable Work Space

    Working from home isn’t for everyone, but while the coronavirus runs rampant, a lot of people have no other realistic choice. With COVID-19 overtaking our nation, workers in every state are being forced to choose between two options: work from home, or don’t work at all. Obviously, working from home comes with a unique set […]

  • Email Marketing: How Much is Too Much?

    Email marketing is one of the most worthwhile uses of time when you’re starting a business, selling a new product, or trying to get in touch with potential clients. In other words, email marketing is a valuable tool you can use at any point and time, whether your business has been running for six months […]

  • COVID-19 Got You Down? Four Tips to Make it Through Stay-at-Home Directives

    As the country comes to accept its new, not-so-temporary reality, people nationwide are starting to realize that the stay-at-home directives state officials are implementing may be more serious than we initially thought. The truth is, COVID-19 has proven itself more dangerous than we first assumed, which has resulted in Americans finding themselves stuck at home […]

  • The Importance of Quality Assurance

    Building a website is a tedious task, and it truly does take a strong team to do so. While there are many steps in the web-build process, quality assurance (QA) is one that could enhance all aspects of a website. What is Quality Assurance? Quality assurance is a step in the web-build process that focuses […]

  • The Benefits of Working From Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    The coronavirus has gone viral – literally. Billions of people across the globe are struggling to keep safe and protect their families while ensuring they can still provide for loved ones. Small businesses in countries all over the world are hurting during this outbreak, and, in turn, America’s economy is starting to plummet. Fortunately, Compulse […]

  • What Can Blogging do for Your Website?

    Whether you’re a successful business or a startup trying to find your way in the corporate world, blogging can provide you and your team with a host of benefits unmatched across the web. Blogging presents writers with an opportunity to express themselves, true, but there are other, more important reasons why your company should utilize […]

  • How UX & Technical Writing Can Boost Digital Marketing

    Today’s consumers are increasingly eager for a better user experience when it comes to engaging with their favorite businesses online. Regardless of whether users engage directly through a business’s website or their mobile app, they will opt to disengage if the platform’s experience doesn’t satisfy their expectations. Why UX Matters User experience (UX) matters because […]

  • Say Hello to BERT; Google’s Newest AI Algorithm

    Targeting specific keywords as an SEO strategy is never going to serve as a long-term answer for ranking in search. Instead, your goals in content creation and SEO should focus on the intent(s) or types of searches instead. In late October of 2019, Google announced the rollout of its newest algorithm update, which further proves […]

  • Things to Consider When Allocating Work During the Holiday Season

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year – a perfect time to use your saved vacation hours to spend quality time with loved ones. Making memories with family during the holiday season is extremely important, which is why so many businesses allow employees to take as much time off as they can afford during […]