• Are You Guilty of Stealing Images?

    With the limitless bounds of the internet at our disposal, it is easy to forget where content comes from when it can appear with just the click of a button. Need a reference, gif, or image for that article you’re writing? You can plug the subject into a search engine and find one in an […]

  • GeoCookie: The Latest and Greatest in Digital Targeting

    At Compulse Integrated Marketing, we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of the digital landscape to best serve the interests of our clients. To do this, we must provide access to the most relevant tactics and effective strategies to yield top results. As part of our continued drive to help your business succeed, […]

  • Spring cleaning: Cutting the clutter from your web presence

    The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is warming! You know what that means – it’s time for some spring cleaning! No, this isn’t a reference to that dreaded weekend of the year where everyone plans to set aside time for dusting, vacuuming, and even selling old personal items. Instead, this […]

  • What is DNS, and Why Do Web Agencies Need It?

    Imagine that you’ve finally decided to better your web presence by hiring a digital agency, like Compulse Integrated Marketing, to build you a website. That’s great! You go through the entire process, talking with the designers, SEO specialists and coordinators alike, and everyone is happy with the final product. You think that you’re about to […]

  • Compulse attends UMBC event looking to recruit new employees

      On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, our team at Compulse Integrated Marketing was offered the chance to meet with young professionals seeking employment in the creative world at UMBC’s “Arts with a Purpose” event. Two of our managers, Josh McComas and Eddie Imparato, represented the agency at the event, which played host to a wide […]

  • Spring and flings are in the air!

    Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and parents across the U.S. are about to spend a boatload of money on dresses, corsages, limousines and photographers to immortalize a linchpin of the teenage experience – the high school prom. Like they do with many other event-based industries, store owners need to be sure their marketing plan […]

  • Understanding the changes to Social Marketing in 2018

    2018 started off with a seismic shift in the world of Facebook, as the tech giant revealed its plan to overhaul the algorithms governing its In an attempt to try and re-establish the News Feed as a hub for personal connections – focusing on “meaningful social interactions” – Facebook is changing the system to show […]

  • Sweet Treats for Your Marketing Streak

    You don’t have to sell candy, cards, or flowers to benefit from Valentine’s Day affections. So how do you market a romantic holiday when your services or products are not passionately inclined? Here are five ways to market your business on this sweet holiday. Think about your audience. Not everyone has a special someone to […]


    It’s hard to believe that the holidays are almost upon us and that 2017 is already coming to a close. While we try to wrap our heads around the fact that 2018 is nearly here, let’s take a look back at some highlights from this past year. This year, we published 52 blogs posts on […]

  • 4 Ways Businesses Can Capitalize on New Year’s Resolutions

    New Year’s Resolutions: A time for people to make commitments on bettering themselves in the new year, whether it’s learning a new skill, becoming more organized, engaging in a healthier lifestyle or saving money. The beginning of January is when many people like to make their resolutions, making it a great time for businesses to […]