• Visual searches are on the rise, and people are taking notice

    Most businesses already know how important searches are in driving traffic to websites, but visual searches are poised to change the way consumers look for information. Many big players in the digital world, including Pinterest, Google, and Amazon, have already developed capabilities to support the growing trend toward visual searches. These developments indicate that they believe they are not just going to be a […]

  • Dos and Don’ts For Email Marketing

    When strategizing for an upcoming email marketing campaign, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. These key concepts can make or break a campaign, so planning to attack them strategically is a crucial part of your success. Creating a headline Do keep them short, urgent, and even sometimes catchy. You have […]

  • How Mom-and-Pop Shops Can Make the Most of Digital Marketing

    In case you haven’t heard, the month of March is kind of a big deal. In March, some of us may celebrate events such as Saint Patrick’s Day and even participate in the festivities surrounding college basketball tournaments. March is also the time when we get a chance to celebrate and support the diligent efforts […]

  • Finding Love, Finding MyBusiness on Valentine’s Day

    Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day where people worldwide look to find love for one special night. The affections people crave, however, don’t have to be limited to a significant other. Around this time of year, people are eagerly looking for ways to introduce something – anything – new into their lives. Maybe they’re looking for […]

  • Using Google Analytics to create a New Year’s Resolution that’s right for your business

    In just a few short weeks, the year will be 2019. Around this time of year, we tend to notice unusually crowded gym parking lots, healthier food items missing from our favorite grocery stores, and many credit repair ads spamming our inboxes. It’s a common tradition for millions of people around the world to make […]

  • Virtual stocking stuffers: How the internet can help you give the greatest gifts

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year – that is, as long as you’ve finished your Christmas shopping and don’t need to worry about buying any more presents. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday long gone, time is running short for those of you waiting until the last minute to find that special present […]

  • SEO & Apple Pie: A Thanksgiving Recipe for Business Success

    Let’s pretend you own a bakery specializing in gourmet pies. Because it’s crucial to your business, you make it your goal to win the “best apple pie” award at the annual pie competition in your home city. You spend months experimenting with different combinations of spices, crusts, and frostings until you finally find what you […]

  • Why The Holidays Are The Most Wonderful Time of The Year For OTT Advertising

    It’s safe to say that it officially becomes the “holiday season” once the last piece of candy is handed out on Halloween. Stores are adorned with red and green decorations, radio airwaves are flooded with jolly jingles, and, most importantly, shoppers begin scurrying to find the perfect gifts for each of the loved ones on […]

  • Online recruiting: How social media can help you hire

    There’s a reason the phrase “good help is hard to find” always rings true. In today’s thriving economy, there are plenty of jobs and plenty of job seekers who have the luxury of choices while they look. Finding a good candidate and getting them in the door has a short window, and you need to […]

  • 5 Ways to Spook the Competition

    It was a dark and stormy shopping season, and your marketing campaigns were killing it! If you need help giving your customers a marketing treat, keep reading… We’ve compiled another- yes another- list of ideas for you to reference while brainstorming your Halloween marketing campaigns. How about telling your own scary story? It could be […]