• The Importance of Separating Your Work and Personal Life

    If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that staying cooped up in a house for weeks on end isn’t exactly the most desirable lifestyle – not even for those of us who are fortunate enough to work from home. The idea of working from home is certainly enticing, even if it might put added stress […]

  • Preparing for the Future: Ways to Improve Your Site During COVID-19

    The COVID-19 outbreak is unlike anything our country has ever experienced before. If you own a business, chances are high that you weren’t prepared for something of this magnitude, and that’s okay. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve likely learned to adapt – or you’ve been extremely smart financially in the past. Either way, […]

  • Re-Engineering Your Business’ Web Presence During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses around the world are facing dilemmas due to quarantine restrictions, travel bans, event cancellations, and more. While the fates of many businesses have yet to be determined, many establishments are using this trying time as an opportunity to maintain relationships with customers by re-engineering their digital presence […]

  • Managing Employees From Home

    As companies nationwide enter month three of work-from-home protocols following the initial COVID-19 outbreak in America, most businesses are still learning how to better manage their employees from home. Some companies, like our team at Compulse, have never needed to manage individuals from remote locations, so this new “norm” came with a learning curve. Fortunately, […]

  • Importance of a Functional Site

    A functional website is a great way to increase traffic and maintain a following. Giving users a positive experience is something that will keep them coming back. Giving them a space where they can find useful information regarding your business in an organized manner is a sure way to increase your site’s visibility and overall […]

  • Why Defining Your Target Audience is Essential for Search

    When developing new content for your website (or any online platform), knowing your specific consumer base is essential. Not only will your customers dictate the products and services you sell, but understanding the numbers will allow you to better formulate content that will resonate with them. Target Audience and Search Whether your diving into details […]

  • Summer Marketing: The Time to Start Optimizing Content is Now

    Times may be tough, but that doesn’t mean the world has stopped. While COVID-19 has surely slowed things down in almost all areas of business, the day will soon come where companies are no longer battling the coronavirus, and life will continue on normally. Whether this happens five days or five months from now is […]

  • Tips to Stay on Track When Working From Home

    As the world continues to adjust to COVID-19 and its effects on the workforce, many businesses have officially implemented mandatory work-from-home policies. For some, this is a dream come true, while for others, working from home has been extremely difficult. Distractions are easy to ignore for a few days, but for weeks? Months? Staying focused […]

  • How has COVID-19 Impacted the Digital Marketing Landscape?

    The last few weeks have completely flipped our country upside down. Every industry has needed to adapt to the changing landscape because of COVID-19, and digital marketing is no exception. Businesses like restaurants have shifted brand messaging to include information about safety precautions and cleanliness, essential businesses like grocery stores are centering content around their […]

  • To Brand or to Market? Finding Ways to Better Your Business

    When brainstorming different ways to improve your business strategy, you should first consider whether you are going to make your primary focus branding or marketing. In short, branding is who your company is – your mission statement, values, goals. Marketing is the promotion of your business via various methods, which may include SEO, social media, […]