• Best of 2015: Burlington RV

    CLIENT: Burlington RV SERVICES: SEO Joe Mann, a true SEO guru, worked with a client based in Milwaukee called Burlington RV. Despite having an SEO team, the sales team approached Sinclair Digital in order to perform better in search. “For most users, if a person in Milwaukee conducts the search ‘RV Dealer’ or ‘buy RV’ […]

  • Digital Marketing the Right Way: 4th of July

    It’s time to celebrate America’s birthday again!  This year, bring out the fireworks to showcase your best digital marketing. Let’s help you get the most of 4th of the July with our tips on strategy for social media and email marketing.   Social Media What should you consider when creating content for social media? Facebook […]

  • Best Practices in Email Marketing

    Looking to improve the way your company markets itself through e-mail? Here are a few tips from Jillian Greer, the Social Media Marketing Coordinator for Sinclair Digital Solutions. Keep your subject lines short A strong, concise subject line for your e-mail is just as important as the content contained within the message because of e-mail […]

  • Best of 2015: CyberSpa FreshStart

    At Sinclair Digital, we are dedicated to serving our clients and providing services that will benefit their businesses.  After a very successful 2015, we want to highlight some of the projects we enjoyed the most. CLIENT: CyberSpa SERVICES: Graphic Design and Web Design WEBSITE(S): & Our agency was given the chance to work with a Baltimore-based technology […]

  • 5 Tips for Creating Tweets That Grab Attention

    Twitter is the best way to reach your customers in real-time and to conduct timely customer service. With so many tweets being sent out daily, you want to find a way to make your brand stand out and to get followers to interact with your service or product. Here are strategies to make sure your […]

  • Everything Small Business Owners Should Know About SEO In Under 1000 Words

    It doesn’t matter how awesome your website is – if no one can find it, it won’t do your business much good. There are many tactics you can use to drive traffic to your website, but one of the most fundamental and impactful is search engine optimization, or SEO. Optimized websites show up first when […]

  • Digital Marketing the Right Way: Memorial Day

    Memorial Day can be a tricky holiday. Memorial Day’s purpose is to remember those who died in active military service.  While many people have cookouts and parties, this holiday is really about celebrating the lives of real American heroes. How can you successfully market your company in a positive way on Memorial Day? Social Media […]

  • How to Use Geofencing to Get More People into Your Store

    What is Geofencing? Geofencing is an advertising product aimed explicitly at smartphones and tablets. For those devices where location services are turned on, the service places ads in those apps or mobile web browsers.   When the device/user is within a given distance from a location – for example, within 1000 feet of a particular restaurant or […]

  • Can Your Customers Find You?

    Think back around 30 years ago. What were the two essential things you needed to “get the word out” about your business? a visually appealing sign for your storefront your business listed in the big yellow phonebook Customers would find you either by searching through the phone book or noticing your sign as they walk […]