• How Professional Copywriting Can Improve Your Website

    It’s no secret that the digital age has turned the internet into an extremely competitive landscape. Millions of companies worldwide are continually fighting to win over potential customers. If you’re one of the many businesses looking for ways to win sales online, great! You’ve taken the first step into a new era filled with possibilities […]

  • Facebook is Changing – Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

    As the most popular and widely used social platform in the world, it is not surprising that Facebook is continually changing and evolving to meet the needs of its users.  Because Facebook experienced a rapid amount of expansion in a short amount of time, there have been a lot of growing pains while the platform […]

  • Back-To-School Digital Marketing Tips

    While August is a time when many of us are focused on managing the sweltering heat of summer, many businesses take this time to focus on a strategy to capitalize off of America’s back-to-school market. Around this time of year, American consumers tend to gear up for the school year by purchasing everything from school […]

  • The Importance of a Robust Digital Marketing Reporting Suite

    No matter the size of your business, the world of digital marketing can be intimidating. It’s easy enough to spend money online, but it’s much more difficult to figure out what you are getting in return for the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars you are shelling out every month on digital advertising. It’s quite […]

  • Human Language, Machine Learning, SEO & Your Business

    There’s plenty of movies about artificial intelligence (AI) and how machines metamorphose into advanced technology and eventually take over the world. Films like The Terminator, The Matrix, A.I., and I, Robot each depict stories that go something like this: Humans create machines, Programmers teach machines how to learn on their own (AI),   Machines become […]

  • Why Your Q Needs to be A’d

    Picture, if you will, a young lady named Deborah. Deborah is in dire need of a plumber, and this arises in conversation with her friend Barb. Barb recommends “OG Plumbing Service” because her friend Susan first recommended that service to her. Deborah has never heard of “OG Plumbing Service” and immediately whips out her smartphone […]

  • Why Running a Fourth of July Marketing Campaign is Important

    As many companies are aware, timing is everything when it comes to producing an effective and profitable marketing campaign. It’s why businesses send out e-blasts at specific times throughout the day, or choose to utilize certain social media outlets over others, depending on the nature of the campaign. Holidays are no exception to the rule. […]

  • Father’s Day Contesting: Tips and Tricks to make this year’s giveaway successful!

    When considering ways to engage with your audience, few techniques are as effective as contesting, and when it comes to the goals of a business, few are as desirable as engagement. There are several reasons for this, but in the most basic terms, high levels of engagement indicate that your digital presence is reaching your […]

  • Getting the Most Out of Your Summer Marketing Strategy

    For many of us, May means longer days and nicer weather. Some of us may even be in the process of planning summer getaways. While May is a wonderful time of year with several seasonal activities to plan for, businesses should use this time as an opportunity to fine-tune their marketing efforts by developing or […]

  • Why Your Business should be Advertising on YouTube

    If your company has dipped its toe into the digital marketing arena, then you are certainly familiar with Google’s advertising platform. It’s a robust system that allows advertisers to utilize an ever-growing list of targeting tactics to place text, banner, and video ads throughout the Google network in pursuit of potential customers. Included in the […]