6 Signs You’ll Need A Custom Website (+ 3 Signs You Won’t)

Oftentimes, businesses considering Compulse’s web services are unsure whether a Small Business Package (SBP) will address their needs or whether they’ll need a full-on custom website.

The only way to know for sure is to schedule a call with a client services specialist, but there are a few telltale signs that can give you a good idea of which type of website you’ll need.  Here are six indicators that your site will fall under the “custom” category, and a few signs that a slightly modified SBP could meet your needs.

sign #1: you have a specific vision for design

We keep costs low for small businesses by building sites using templates we’ve already created. If you’re going into the project with a certain vision for design and it doesn’t mesh with one of our existing templates, your project will require custom design work and will count as a “custom site.” You can see some of the template options we offer here, and some of the custom sites we’ve built here.

For custom design projects, we send materials to clients for review throughout the build process. Small business packages are more straightforward and afford clients fewer opportunities for input.

sign #2: you want to write and publish regularly on your site

If you plan to post more than the occasional announcement and want to use content to attract leads, you’ll need a blog-like section on your site. Because of the time it takes to build out this functionality, sites with blog-like sections will almost always fall in the “custom” category.

sign #3: you want to sell things on your site

Online shopping is quickly becoming a go-to for consumers, which means more and more companies are looking for eCommerce functionality. If you want to sell products on your site, your project will fall in the “custom” category because of the associated complexity and time requirements.

Even if you won’t be conducting transactions through your site, you still might want to show off the stock you carry. If you want to feature few enough products that they will all fit on a single page, you might be able to slip into an SBP. If you want to show off lots of products in different categories or on different landing pages, you’re venturing into custom design territory.

sign #5: you want a bunch of plugins

If you want one or two plugins, we can add them to an SBP for a small fee,. However, if you want extra forms, event calendars, photo galleries, chat functions and other features galore, your project will likely be classified as custom.

This is doubly true if you want the plugin custom-built or custom-designed. Out-of-the-box plugins have pre-set styling that doesn’t always mesh well with other visual elements on the page.

sign #6: you have a whole lot of content

An SBP usually comes with four standard pages: Home, About Us, Service Page, and Contact Us. There’s a little bit of wiggle room there, but if you have lots of content that will require more pages or sub-pages and additional layout and design work, you could be looking at a custom build.
Just because your project doesn’t fit perfectly in the SBP mold doesn’t mean that you definitely need a custom site. If any of the below describe your needs, you could be a good candidate for a slightly modified SBP:

you just want some copy

Good news for businesses that don’t have a wordsmith on staff: an SBP can be modified to include copywriting services. Just because you need content doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget!

you only need a simple plugin

As noted above, we can add a basic plugin to an SBP site for a small fee. If you’re not picky about style, it’s a smart way to keep costs low.

you’re interested in some basic additional pages

Businesses can buy additional pages without investing in a full-blown custom website as long as the additional volume is a matter of replicating existing pages and populating them with new content.

It’s important to note that we design all of the websites we build to grow with your business. By creating sites that will easily accommodate custom features and functionalities down the line, we protect our clients’ investments and ensure they won’t need to repeat the groundwork when they’re ready for the next step.

Ready for to learn more? Get details about Compulse’s web services or get in touch with a Client Services specialist.