It was a dark and stormy shopping season, and your marketing campaigns were killing it! If you need help giving your customers a marketing treat, keep reading…

We’ve compiled another- yes another- list of ideas for you to reference while brainstorming your Halloween marketing campaigns.

How about telling your own scary story?

It could be purely for entertainment, or you can craft your own Halloween tale that relates to your business. For example, if you’re a cell phone accessories store, you can tell a creepy story to highlight some of your portable products. “The campfire was out, and the campers were heading to bed. They reached for the lights on their cell phones only to discover their batteries were dead, and nobody had a portable charger! If only they had gone to <insert your company here>.” It’s a fun task for anyone with a spooky good talent for blogging.

Showcase your scary good stuff.

Consider taking over your products page to change the names for the season. Instead of a ‘red sweater,’ you could sell a ‘blood-red sweater.’ Instead of a ’50-gallon black trash bag’, you could sell a ’50 gallon midnight black trash bag’. Keep your products as alluring as a witch’s spell this season.

Do you trick, or do you treat?

When your customers shop with you, what extras do you put in their bag as a surprise? Do you add coupons for their next visit? Do you add cookies in the shape of your logo? Or do you give them brain-teasing riddles that lead them back into your store for the answer with their next purchase? Who knows, but you should think about adding something to your customers’ shopping bags.

Can you turn your business into a haunted store for a while?

Consider dressing up your store. You don’t have to hire an interior designer to make your store look creepy and abandoned.

But I bet you have a window, and maybe even some display cases or tables. Toss a few spider webs in the corner and throw a pumpkin by your door. Maybe consider some “floating candles.” Just remember to stick all those photos on your social media pages!

Share if you Dare!

All of these things can be showcased on any social media platform of your choice. Throw your pictures on Instagram and blog your scary stories on your website with teasers on Facebook. You can even catch a video of an in-store scare and post it on Snapchat.

So now that you have a few great Halloween ideas, allow us to show you 11 ways to Hoist Your Halloween Spooktakular with one of our past posts. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a fun Halloween read, we’ve got you covered there, too! While it may not pertain directly to Halloween, learning the superstitions associated with Friday the 13th is always fun.

As always, if you need a helping hand with creating your fang-ulous new Halloween marketing campaign, give us a call at Compulse. We have a monstrously great team ready to work with you!