New Year’s Resolutions: A time for people to make commitments on bettering themselves in the new year, whether it’s learning a new skill, becoming more organized, engaging in a healthier lifestyle or saving money. The beginning of January is when many people like to make their resolutions, making it a great time for businesses to join the excitement and advertise their goods or services to help consumers achieve their goals.

Below are four ways businesses can capitalize on consumers’ New Year’s resolutions.

Grab the attention of budget-conscious consumers.

One of the most popular resolutions that people make are to improve finances. This can mean cutting unnecessary spending, investing, or developing better budgets. So how can your company appeal to these consumers? Retail stores could offer membership perks or discounts if people sign up for a rewards program. Perhaps a dentist’s office could offer a complimentary teeth cleaning or a low-cost service when the consumer pays for a hefty service. Consumers want to know that they’re getting the best product or service for the most reasonable price, so be sure to make your deals known.

Take advantage of the healthy lifestyle.

There is no doubt that January is the busiest month out of the year for gym and fitness clubs, but it is also a great time of year for restaurants or nutritionists that want to encourage healthy habits. Retailers can also jump in on the excitement. More people going to the gym means more people needing proper equipment and active wear. Therefore, January can almost be viewed as a second Christmas, so why not continue the sales from the holidays and advertise to win the business of consumers wanting a healthier lifestyle!

It’s all about efficiency.

Does your product or service help save time? People may set a resolution to save time throughout the year by cutting out certain activities and opening up their schedules. This is an excellent opportunity for service companies to take up chores that families would otherwise be doing. Maybe you’re a grocery delivery service that can cut out time for a parent to run to the store. Are you a lawn care company that can plow the driveway and street after a snow storm so that mom or dad can spend their time doing something else? Get out there and offer your services so more can get done in less time.

Encourage new hobbies or skills.

Now is the time where people start planning vacations, checking items off their bucket lists and telling themselves they will start up a new project or skill. Why wouldn’t your business want to support that? If you have a product or service that can assist them, let consumers know. Travel agencies can help those wanting to plan vacations, home improvement stores can promote do-it-yourself classes, and local restaurants could encourage a sip and paint night, to name a few.

No matter what industry your business is in, there are ways to market around consumers’ New Year’s resolutions so that you can continue to flourish during the post-holiday season. So how will your business take advantage of the above ideas and market to your target audience to beat the competition? Learn more about opportunities that exist for your business and give us a call. We’d love to talk about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.