2016: A Year to Remember for Compulse Integrated Marketing

Wow, what a year it’s been. At this time in 2015, we were a much smaller staff known to the marketing world as “Sinclair Digital Solutions.” Since then we’ve re-vamped our look, changed our name and added some new, key members to our team – all while having fun in the process. Sometimes too much fun, if we’re being quite honest…

Let’s take a look back and recall the good times that happened in 2016:



The big freeze

Ah, yes. Who could forget the ultimate snowstorm of the past decade that buried Baltimore in nearly three feet of powder? Everyone from the office recorded their predictions for how much snow we were going to get on the company whiteboard, but hardly anyone was able to predict the insanity that followed. It’d been years since the northeast sector of the state saw a storm the likes of this, and it was one that won’t soon be forgotten. Sinclair was fortunate that the winds of winter blew in on Friday afternoon, and so the office was only officially closed for less than a day. Still, it was a brutal way to kick off the 2016 year. With such a scary start, things could only get better, right?



before-after split

Indeed, things were looking up with the re-modeling of our interior space during the month of February. Our office was in a dark place – literally – for the first month and a half of 2016, but with our office makeover came the “pod” structure. We were divided into four pods, consisting of at least one designer, one CSR and one SEO and/or SEM specialist. A pod for the advertorial team was also conceived in addition to a “creative” pod for our graphic designers and “social” pods for the social media team.

The idea was that these pods would help improve workflow, and help they sure did. Since the remodeling, we’ve noticed how much easier it is for all of us to take on multiple projects at once, and this is in large part due to better communication and coordination. The walls that divided us before are no more, and with the reduction of those barriers we’ve become a family. There really is a true sense of the word “team” here at Compulse – especially since the remodeling – and that has allowed us to produce some our finest work ever during 2016.




With the new pods came new friendships. With new friendships came new interests. The biggest interest of our “new-and-improved” office?

Funko Pop figurines.

You may have heard about them. You may not have. However, after reading Brittany Crowl’s recent blog post on these fun little figures, you’ll be dying to have one of these little guys keeping you company throughout the work day.

There are thousands of different Funko Pops out there; so many that you’re guaranteed to find at least one that’s irresistible. The craze at Compulse started with Chris Hall – a former designer with the team who now works at corporate – and at one point became something of a competition. This past summer, there was a “battle of the pods” to see which group could collect the most Funkos. Pods one, two and four all pitched in for final numbers in the teens and twenties before the pods were switched – a move that unfortunately ended the short-lived rivalry. Now the employees collect for fun and even share their toys with one another. Over ten people in the office boast multiple statues, and that number is growing. Talk about craziness!




On July 21, 2016, Sinclair Broadcast Group officially announced that from that day on, Sinclair Digital Solutions would be Compulse Integrated Marketing. Rob Weisbord, our Digital Group Chief Operating Officer, explained how “we have seen significant growth in our digital agency business, which affirms our commitment to delivering multiplatform marketing solutions. The Compulse team has decades of experience driving revenue growth for businesses across the country. The combined resources of Sinclair and Compulse bring unmatched capabilities to clients needing an effective advertising strategy across any medium.”

The change was a welcome one for us here in the office. The idea that we were now going to be able to reach out to markets previously untouched was both exciting and galvanizing. It was arguably the biggest step we took in 2016, and one that won’t be taken for granted as we continue to grow.




While we were all extremely excited about the direction in which the company was headed, we also realized that after seven-plus months of working together we really were starting to become good friends. People didn’t just want to see each other during their standard 40-hour work week; they wanted to hang out after work, too. What better way to do that than over a game?

Antonio Colon presented the idea of starting a “Dungeons and Dragons” game night every other week after work. He and his wife Angela would serve as the “dungeon masters” while the rest of us would play our way through the campaign. Depending on the night, we had anywhere from 5-10 people join in on the party, and it proved to be great fun. So much so, in fact, that Antonio and the gang started playing their after-work games during their lunch break, too. Alison Klein was happy to sit in with them one afternoon to see what all the hype was about.

These team-bonding activities have given us the chance to get to know each other better, and the relationships we’ve built have elevated the quality of work we produce.



Dress To Impress

From Corporate Day to Flannel Friday to Halloween, we’re always finding ways to lighten the mood here at Compulse. We find that fun, little things like pre-planned (or even sometimes coincidental) dress up days make our work atmosphere less, well, work-like. As a result, we feel less stressed when the projects pile on. Sounds pretty cool, right?




Alright, so maybe our “dress-up days” are cool, but nothing compares to when people leave for vacation. If you find yourself out for more than a day, chances are you’re going to pay for it – whether you’re a new employee or a seasoned manager. Filling an office with over 150 inflated balloons, mummifying desks and creating our very own “Game of Thrones: Season 7” spoilers are just a few of the many ways we’ve messed with people who are out on vacation. What a way to come back to work!




Our secret Santa gift exchange and pod-decoration competition were two of the many ways we celebrated the holidays here at the company. Our party was a blast, our friendly gift exchange on Thursday, December 22 was a hoot, and having multiple people help create the holiday poem was just the thing to put us in the Christmas Spirit.

2016 was a year filled with ups and downs for many, but at Compulse it was one for the ages. It was the start of something new, our next step in the right direction. It was a career year; a memorable year – one that will live on forever in Sinclair’s storied history. The best part? We had a blast doing it and made some great friends along the way.

As we conclude our final blog post before the ball drops, we say farewell to the year that gave this company so much to look forward to. Here’s to 2016, and we all look forward to what 2017 has in store!